Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayers for Izzy

This time I'm writing to ask everyone to pray for little Isabel and her family...
Isabel is the youngest daughter of my good friend Kim, whom I've met through WTE when I was pregnant with Olivia.. We have become so close throughout the years and I consider her one of my best friends..
Her daughter Izzy, who is only 15 months old has been having seizures since yesterday (a total of 7 so far) and was admitted to the hospital last night.. Even though her CT scan is clear, the neurologist has ordered several other tests to determine what is wrong with her... There's a reason to believe she has some kind of seizure disorder..
Naturally, Kim and her husband Brian have been feeling scared, nervous, frustrated, etc and they ask everyone to pray for little Izzy...
So, if you pray, please do it for Izzy.. if you don't pray, please send all the positive vibes and thought possible!

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