Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gaby is 12 weeks!

..another one of those "baby milestones" is here! 12 WEEKS!! wow!
It seems like it was yesterday that I was 12 weeks pregnant!... and now my little baby is almost 3 months.. how crazy is that!?!?
Well..she is as beautiful as ever and growing and thriving so well! I'm so happy with her, she manages to make me smile every day and just fills my heart with joy!
She is still sleeping in our room in her bassinet but we will be transitioning her to her crib within the next few days... I think it's time for her to have some independence! ;)
Gaby is such a happy baby, so active and engaged...she recently started showing some interest in grabbing toys that are dangled in front of her and she makes such great eye contact.. She also loves "playing" with Olivia, who makes her laugh every's too cute! I hope I can see them interact even more in the months to come...
On October 16th (next Friday), she will get her ears pierced and finally look even cuter!!! I can't wait!!! Happy 12 weeks Gaby!!!

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yayyy!!! congrats!! and happy 12 weeks Gaby :) Andrea is grabbing things as well.. she loves grabbing her rattle and shaking it.. she cracks up as if she knows she's done something well !! lol :) xoxo