Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend in Orlando

This weekend we went on a little trip to Orlando with the girls and even though they were both sick, it was really fun!On Friday night, we checked in at our hotel, the Disney's All Star Movie resort and then we went to "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party", which is celebrated in Magic Kingdom @ Disney's all about Halloween Mickey style and of course Olivia got to wear her costume and trick or treat around the park. There was also a wonderful character parade and lots of fun ride. We went with our good friends Alex and Giselle and their son Jordan, who's 3 years old and had a wonderful time with them!On Saturday, we went to Downtown Disney and walked around for a while. Then we went shopping at the outlet malls and ate at a yummy restaurant...Olivia and Gaby were not behaving too well since they were both feeling sick and were not having it.. so we went back to the hotel a little early!Today, we went to another outlet mall and bought some cute clothes for the girls...I love shopping... and there were tons of good sales!The drive down here was less than pleasant, since Olivia was being extremely obnoxious and Gaby was just annoyed with her fever and congestion...hopefully things will go back to normal within the next few days so we can all be happy again! ;)

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I'm happy you guys had a good time... and i hope the girls are feeling better!!! xoxo :)