Thursday, October 8, 2009

My new point and shoot

Time to cross off one of the items from my "wish list"... I finally bough a new point and shoot camera to add to my collection. I decided on the Canon Powershot SD780 IS and I absolutely LOVE it.. not only does it take great pictures but it also shoots videos in HD, which is an awesome was about $25o, which is not too bad!
Most of my pictures I will still take with my SLR Nikon D80, which remains my favorite camera, but this new point and shoot is great to have in my purse and take around with me... according to the online reviews it is the "slimmest" camera yet! Great, heh?


Unknown said...

That is on my wish list also!! my list is looooonnnnnggg, and that is number one on it. So how is the camera?? i mean i know you say its great, but i have been doing my research and i just can't decide on one. Im very picky and i imagine you know your stuff, with your Nikon, i have one as well, which is still my fave, but i need one for the purse also.

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

This camera is amazing!! The quality of its pictures it's great! and it's so light and convenient...I'm very picky too, but after much reading, I decided on this one... and I'm happy with my decision.. I love it!