Saturday, September 18, 2010

Connie's baby shower

Today was a very busy day! After "Disney on Ice" we went to Connie's baby shower....
Connie is the wife of Iggy's good friend Enzo... they are having their 2nd baby, who will be joining big sister Daniela this coming October.
The shower was so wonderful, it was held in a beautiful beach house by Ft. Lauderdale beach, which was a great place for the girls to run around, because the house was huge.
Everything was so beautiful and the food was delicious... Connie got some wonderful gifts and now we're all just waiting for Valentina to arrive. C-section is scheduled for Oct. 25th, which is only 4 days before Daniela's 2nd birthday .. how cool is that?!!
Congrats Connie and Enzo, as you get ready for baby #2!!

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