Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gaby is 14 months!

My little cutie is 14 months today and she's definitely more of a toddler than a baby now!
This has been a great month for accomplishments and milestones....
First off (as you all probably already know), she now WALKS... and she loves it too.. Every time I'm holding her, she wants me to put her down so she can walk around..
She has started to follow her sister around and I think that's just too cute..
She also loves to walk around carrying a purse and a "phone"... She often has very deep conversations with imaginary friends on her imaginary phones, while toting her purse... I love it!
It's so amazing how much a baby can change and grow in a matter of months...
Gaby is turning into an independent little toddler whose energy never runs out... although I must say she's still very cuddly and sweet!
Happy 14 months Gaby!

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