Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yogen Früz

When I lived in Venezuela, I used to go to this awesome frozen yogurt shop, called "Yogen Früz", which was simply amazing...I was so in love with that frozen yogurt, so when we moved to the US it was hard for me not to have that guilty pleasure so readily available.
During a trip to DC last year, I "discovered" that Yogen Früz had some franchises in the US and one of them was there.. I, of course, delighted myself with this wonderful treat, but still wasn't completely happy since there were no stores in my town.... or SO I THOUGHT!
The other day, I went on and came to find out there are several stores in Miami and a few other ones coming soon! Oh my God! I was in heaven!
We went to get some frozen yogurt last night and I was the happiest woman on earth.. that ice cream is to die for!!!
I strongly recommend this treat to anyone who has a franchise near them.. so yummy!!

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