Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gabriela is 1 month old!

We have officially survived Gaby's first month...phew!... what a month this has been....between the sleepless nights and trying to adjust to being a mother of two, time has really flown by.
Gaby is growing up way too fast already... she's out of most of her newborn clothes and into her 0-3 month stuff; I've already had to clean out her drawer twice this month and discard onesies that longer fit her, isn't that insane?
She is more alert every day and loves to "play" with me. We have a lot of eye contact and she seems to communicate well through crying and cooing...Her development is right on track and so is her growth.
Gaby does "tummy time" at least twice per day and she seems to be very strong and extremely active. She moves her arms and legs consistently and is just as "athletic" as her sister Olivia.
She eats like a champ, about 24oz of formula per day and her sleep schedule seems to be getting better as well... yay for good babies!
Happy 1-month Gaby!

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