Sunday, August 30, 2009

God is truly AMAZING!!!

Today was one of those days when something really special happens, which makes me realize (even more) how truly amazing God is! Wow!
Here's the story....Our good friends Yda and Ricardo have been married for 12+ years, 9 of which they have been trying to have a baby. Yda is now 39 years old and has been pregnant twice, both times resulting in early miscarriages... very sad....
Ever since I know Yda, I have been praying for her and her husband so that some day they could become parents... Yda's faith is really amazing; she's one of those women who truly believes that everything happens for a reason and she accepts God's every will and just deals with whatever comes her way... and always with a happy heart!
Well... today at church, she gave me the wonderful news that she's PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!
I was so excited that I started to cry and so did she... It is truly amazing how God works in such mysterious ways. Not only has she been blessed, but now she's going to have two babies... She is now 12+ weeks pregnant and so far everything is on track with the belly!
I know how much she wanted this and I am so happy for her and Ricardo... Glory to God!!!
Now, let's pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy!... I can't wait to meet these two babies!!!

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