Friday, August 28, 2009

"Terrible Twos"

Whoever came up with the phrase "Terrible Twos" was totally right and then some... Oh my, what a terrible age!! I only pray that God gives me the patience to go through this and understand Olivia and her many sides!
Up until she turned 2, Olivia had been such a wonderful little girl, well behaved and extremely obedient... I felt so lucky to have such a nice toddler...
Well... that suddenly changed to craziness and out of control behavior, which she has adopted within the past few weeks. She has become incredibly loud, messy and just terrible... She has even started to hit other kids, which is so embarrassing considering I have no control over who she hits. Also, she now likes to bang on things, throw her toys on the floor, jump up and down the stairs and challenge our every command... I'm going nuts!!!
Even bedtime, which used to be the "easy" part, has now become a challenge as she screams hysterically every time we put her down. She refuses to nap during the day and sometimes even refuses to eat at all!
One of my theories is that she wants all of our attention because things do get better once I sit down with her and actively participate in all of her games or introduce new toys and activities.... maybe that's the way to go!!??
I asked her doctor, and he says that it's normal for kids her age and that just like everything else, it will pass as she grows older... I hope he's right....
I must say, however, that she is still a loving child and extremely clever as well. She constantly shows us how much she cares about us and also demonstrates her willingness to get better!
So, I can only say... "Terrible Twos??.... bring it on!!!"

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staceykt22 said...

With that sweet face???
It's good to know I'm not alone =)