Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunny (and hot) South Florida!

Oh my! Did somebody say hot and sunny!?? Mother nature has been rather cruel lately with hot hot hot weather, temperatures consistently in the 90's, with the heat factor up to almost 100 degrees.. it's insane!!
Summer is famous for being the season when people spend time outdoors having all kinds of fun and enjoying the sun.. well, this is NOT the place to do that.. because it's actually masochistic to be outside.. I get so cranky when I'm outside and I just feel like running around naked.. it gets even worse with two babies that have such sensitive skin... I wish I could move somewhere else (for the summer at least)...
It is estimated that the temperatures will continue to be in the 90's for the rest of August and part of September... so we'll have sunny and hot South Florida for a while longer!!! This is when I envy Canadians and their cool weather! ha ha!

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