Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gaby is SIX weeks today!

In baby life, 6 weeks is one of those milestones, when the baby is usually going through some kind of growth spurt and has accomplished "major" things such as sleeping through the night, eating more, crying less, making different sounds, etc...
Well, today is "it" for us...the day that Gaby turns 6 weeks... I still can't believe it has been that long already; it's definitely bittersweet but all in all a great thing...
So far, Gaby has accomplished most of the things that babies do around this age; she smiles at us, she has incredible neck and head strength and the biggest of all, she has been sleeping through the night consistently for a week!!!
Her next doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, where they will do another weight check to ensure she is gaining properly. Then around mid-September she will have her 2-week check up, that's when she will get her set of shots, which I'm definitely not looking forward to.
I'm looking forward to seeing my baby grow up and turn into a little lady, just like her sister!
I still haven't caught her smile on camera, but hopefully will very soon! For now, I will post a crying picture, which is easier to get! ha ha!
Happy 6 weeks Gaby!




B MoM said...

i like how her outfit says smile. lol.