Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pablo visits South Florida

Today was such a nice day since we got to spend time with Pablo, who is my sister's brother in law and also my niece's godfather. He is visiting from Madrid, Spain, where he lives with his girlfriend Vicky.
Pablo is here for business so his visit will be rather short; he got here yesterday and will be leaving tomorrow at 3pm...
Pablo and I are godparents to Erika (aka Cookie) whom we baptized when she was 7 months old. It has been such a great honor to share such responsibility with him and to be able to give Cookie all the love that she needs to be a happy and sweet child.
We had a nice time eating at "Panera Bread" and then we went shopping at Sawgrass Mills Mall; we were able to have a nice conversation and to spend quality time together.
My sister was very happy since she was able to take a picture of Cookie with both of her godparents and Cookie was even happier to see everyone together! What a nice day!

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