Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My 6-week post-partum appointment

I can't believe tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I had Gaby.. wow.. time sure flies! I had my 6-week post-partum appointment with Dr. Daniel this morning at 10am and it was great... She checked me and told me everything was perfect; we discussed birth control options and then I told her stories about my babies since she has delivered both of them... good times!
For now, I will be going back on the pill and later on I will consider getting the "Mirena".... we'll see!
She asked me if I was planning on having any more children and I said "probably"... it's not set on stone, but both Iggy and I are open to the possibility of having a third child!... only time will tell! ;)
For now, I am happy to be enjoying my daughters and I'm looking forward to our family life!

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