Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Potty Training"

I know it sounds crazy but even before I thought of having kids, I have been dreading the "potty training" stage.. I guess a part of me wonders why a child would want to go from having their butt wiped off and comfortably peeing on a diaper, to going to the potty on their own... oh well.. it HAS to be done and that's when my fear becomes a reality!
We've decided that 2 years old is a proper age to begin the process of potty training so the past few weeks have been all about being "out with the diapers and in with the potty!"... From reading books, buying pull-ups, to setting up kiddie toilet seats and potties around the house; I have officially started to prepare myself to be a trainer....
During the weekend, we did the "naked" potty training routine, where I take off Olivia's diaper and pants and let her walk around half naked... it was somewhat successful since she only peed on the floor once and it was easy to clean... the rest of the times she did go in the potty but I think she saw it as some type of game where mommy claps and jumps around after "something" comes out of her.. a little weird I must say.. but she did get the idea that it's a "rewarding" experience... I gave her gummy bears and a sticker every time she peed on the potty so she though it was something cool to do!
During the week, Olivia's babysitter has been helping me as well. She wears little panties during the day and makes an announcement every time she needs to go...
So far, the whole "potty training" thing is not as bad as I had imagined but mind you it has only been a week or so... I certainly hope it gets easier and not harder!
She's still not fully potty trained but I think the fact that she is getting the idea is a start. Hopefully we can keep up the progress and have her completely trained within a month or so! I'm crossing my fingers!

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Celeste said...

I think the same way you did... I am dreading the potty training!