Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Olivia's progress report

Today was my first ever parent-teacher conference at Olivia's school and it went great.
I met with Olivia's teacher in an individual conference and was given a summary of her progress regarding different academic and social areas.
I was told that Olivia is very "mature" for her age and displays great social skills; the teacher said she gets along very well with other kids and is very engaged in daily activities.
She also said that Olivia is a very fast learner and can follow directions for simple tasks; she loves to color, dance and do all kinds of crafts...
On the not so good side, I was told that Olivia is very defiant at times and extremely authoritative with other kids and even some teachers... She also said that Olivia needs to learn the colors and learn to differentiate them as well...
I was asked if I wanted to move her up a level (with the 3 year olds) and I said I would think about it.. I'm not so sure I want to pressure her emotionally...
I gotta say I'm very proud of my little lady and I'm glad I met with her teacher, since it was a reassurance that enrolling her in this academy was a good decision after all!

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