Friday, November 6, 2009


Today I'm really worried and for that I'm not having a good day!...
First off, Gaby was HORRIBLE last night, not only did she wake up about 3 times in a 10 hour period, but when she was sleeping she kept squirming around and making all sorts of noises.. I could barely sleep with so much noise around me... it was terrible!!!
Then, I woke up this morning to find about (via phone) that Iggy is terribly sick in Mexico... yes! in MEXICO... he has been away on a business trip since Wednesday... I spoke to him and he sounded really sick.. he said he had a high fever, pain all over and a bad stomach!... I spoke to one of his co-workers and he told me they might be taking him to the hospital because he does NOT look good... He also said that he might not be able to fly home tomorrow as scheduled!
Needless to say, besides being completely exhausted and sleepy, I am terribly worried about him... I wish I could be there to make him feel better or to at least know that he will be ok!
What a horrible day... well.. at least it's Friday!!!!
Prayers please!!!!


Anonymous said...

prayers are with you and your family!

maynardja said...

I hope Iggy gets to a dr and that he feels better asap :(


Hey.. you guys are in my prayers... let me know if you need anything xoxo

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

My kids are off a bit as well. Cavan has been waking up every couple of hours for the last five nights!

Hope your husband has a quick recovery!

Amoruccio said...

Espero q se recupere y vuelva pronto. Saludos