Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sleep issues!

That's right... the nightmare of sleepless nights is back!!! I can't believe we're having sleep issues again... Gaby had been doing so wonderfully for the past couple of months, and all of a sudden.. a HUGE regression!
She is not napping as much during the day, which should translate into more hours of sleep at night, right?? Nope.. WRONG!!!
After our bath, feeding, cuddling night routine, she goes down at about 10pm every night.. She falls asleep quite easily but then wakes up around 4am, either fussing, crying and sometimes even smiling! uggh!!! We feed her at that time (otherwise she won't stop crying) and it takes us up to an hour to get her back asleep... at this point we're both extremely exhausted, especially since we know our wake up time is right around the is so irritating...
I feel bad for Iggy, he tries to take on this task, but I know how exhausting it is for him....if we're lucky she will only wake up once a night, sometimes she wants to play at 2:30am also.. now THAT is bad!
I just hope this is just a stage, which can be attributed to her being a little sick lately.. otherwise, somebody please shoot me! who would think that such a sweet little baby could be so mean to mommy and daddy!?? ;)


Laura B. said...

Whew...I feel your pain. Parker had a regression three weeks ago....right before I went back to work!! I went to the pediatrician yesterday and we're going to try something new with putting him to worked better last night, we'll see. I hope Gaby turns the corner and starts sleeping well again.

Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...


Pobrecita Gaby!!!! Yo creo que ella percibe tu estress de que Ignacio no esta y se despierta en la noche. Don't call her mean! Poor baby Gaby! Quizas la afecto el cambio de hora el domingo. A la hija de una amiga mia le paso. Give Gaby time. She'll go back to sleep 8-10 hours a night! Yo se que es horrible que no nos dejen dormir, pero tranquila que cuando tengan 12 anitos, las despertaremos para fastidiarlas, jejejeje.Un beso