Thursday, November 5, 2009

Breastfeeding guilt!

Gaby is almost 4 months and she is growing and thriving, however, for the past few days I have been feeling some regrets for giving up on breastfeeding so early..
I only breastfed her for 10 days, and even though I did have some issues (a kidney infection, low supply, latch issues, etc), I've been feeling guilty that I did not try hard enough or long enough to keep giving her my breast milk...
Granted I really dislike breastfeeding, but for some reason I feel like I should have done it for her!.. I feel like such a horrible mother for having deprived my baby of nature's best food!
Maybe that's why she got sick!??
I know so many mommies that stick to breastfeeding for so long and overcome so many obstacles in that journey... I should be one of those moms, and I'm not... it makes me sad!
I guess I will get to try again if we ever have another child... maybe then, these feelings of guilt will go away and I will accomplish a healthy breastfeeding relationship between my child and I...
I can only hope that will happen one day! ;)
Am I weird for feeling this guilt so late in the game?


maynardja said...

dont feel any guilt lady, you tried your absolute best. Brestfeeding is not for everyone, and while it may be "natures best food" it certainly doesn't come naturally. I bf Gianna for only 6 weeks, but I had a lot of problems doing so because I had had a breast reduction. I had gotten mastitis, and some pretty aweful blocked ducts. I too have felt some guilt but the way you can certainly get past that is realizing that for those 10 days you gave Gaby a gift lasts a lifetime! Read the first couple paragraphs of this website :)

and you are an amazing mommy!!

Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...


It's true. Breastfeeding is not for everybody and it should be an experience that both mommy and baby enjoy, otherwise, it will be totally not worthy. I know how you feel. You know I breastfed both Isa & Ale and I am about to stop breastfeeding Ale but I can't help not to feel guilty about it.
Amamantar es algo que debe disfrutarse para que le haga bien al bebe, si tu hiciste el esfuerzo pero por una u otra razon no pudiste, no te sientas mal y no dejes que nadie te haga sentir mal. Eres una excelente mami y eso es lo mas importante. Maybe you will breasfeed your next baby! Lo mas importante es que lo intentaste! :-)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

No worries! Your baby is loved and well taken care of. That of course is most important!

Cavan is just over six months and has six teeth... I am not sure how much longer he will be getting booby for!